The Pottery Route of Montelupo Fiorentino

If you're coming to Tuscany and want to discover the ancient history of Pottery, then you should visit Montelupo and its surroundings.

Thanks to the Strada della Ceramica, i.e. the pottery route, you can really discover the area with its workshops, museums and people of course. This special trail passes through the out the municipality of Montelupo and with special signs indicating the stops.

The journey starts of course in Montelupo at the Pottery Museum where you can learn about the history of this ancient art in Tuscany. Then there you should visit some workshops in the center to see how pottery is made.

Then you can drive to the surroundings and visit Montespertoli, Lastra a Signa and Capraia e Limite. These towns are strongly related to Montelupo pottery and by downloading this special guide you can read more about their history and traditions.

Here is a video about Tuscany pottery that you should see!


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