Pottery Museums in Tuscany

Tuscany has a rich history of pottery manufacture and Montelupo Fiorentino is probably the most renowned. But if you're a pottery lover and want to discover more about pottery in Tuscany, these are the main museums.

Pottery Museum of Montelupo Fiorentino

It hosts a large collection of incredible pottery dating back to the Middle Ages and modern era. For more info read here.

Richard-Ginori Museum

This nice museum hosts the collection of the famous Florentine factory Richard-Ginori, including several unique and rare pieces. During the visit you can make a real journey into design and pottery manufacture. For more info here.

Chini Manifacture Museum

Located in Mugello, the museum is a good example of handmade artistic pottery. The Chini family just celebrated 100 years of production. For more info here.

Furnaces in Impruneta

Impruneta is famous for its red bricks and teracotta vases and decorations. The red bricks were used to cover the Cupola of Florence Cathedral by Brunelleschi. The furnaces are all around.

Pottery Museum of Monte San Savino

The museum is located in the ancient fortress and hosts a nice collection of ancient pottery, as well as some maiolica form Ciggiano.

 Terracotta Museum

In Petroio, municipality of Trequanda, this museum hosts a large collection of terracottas and offers a guided visit to the historical manufacture. For more info here.


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