Customize your Italian Pottery

Have you seen our new online shop Italian Handmade Pottery? Do you know that we can customize your pottery as you want? Well, now I tell you how customization for pottery works.

Every pottery piece we produce is handmade and we can realize any kind of design. This means that if you're a restaurant, a caffè or a farmhouse we can realize plates, mugs and kitchenware with your logo. Even if you're a business company and want to create special corporate gifts for your customers we can make it.

And what about a special gift for your beloved ones? Is your best friend getting married or is your mom's birthday? What about a customized mug or plate remembering how much you love them?

 If you want to customize your pottery you just have to send us a picture, a logo or the words you want to use for your pottery and we'll then create your unique handmade pottery!
Have a look at our customized pottery!


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