Luxury and Elegance: French Pottery at Palazzo Pitti

A great exhibit will soon open at Palazzo Pitti: Luxury and Elegance, the French porcelain.

More than 100 works from the great collection of Palazzo Pitti together with pieces coming from Doccia Manufactory's Museo Richard-Ginori and important French museums, will be displayed from March 19th to June 23rd.

As a matter of fact during 19th century Tuscany re-discovered a new passion for pottery and this graceful art thanks to Elisa BaciocchiNapoleon's sister and later grand duchess of Tuscany (1809-1814).

She brought back to Florence sculptors, painters, musicians and master artisans specialized in the production of silk, furniture and porcelain. And the Doccia Manufactory played an important role getting the influence of French artists and creating a fashionable style of decoration.

So all these beautiful and rich porcelains will be exhibited in an interesting show at Palazzo Pitti to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Pottery Museum (Museo delle Porcellane).

For more information visit the official site.


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