What's Maiolica?

When I say maiolica, what do you think? Certainly you think to Italy and to Renaissance and you're right.

As a matter of fact Maiolica is Italian tin-glazed pottery dating back to the Renaissance. But it takes its name from the island of Majorca in Spain, where this particular technique was used since the Middle Ages.

To obtain maiolica pottery, the rough pottery, that can be red or white depending from the clay used, should be immersed into white glaze. The result is a white shiny pottery that is ready to be decorated.
Pottery before glazing

Ready to be immersed into glaze
Glazing done

After it's dry we decorate it using bright and shiny colors. Actually, before baking, colors don't shine and they're quite delicate. The baking will fix them to pottery and make them shining.


In my workshop we make only maiolica and my father is in charge of making it. Then we all decorate the items according to our taste following the classic decorations of Montelupo pottery.
Maiolica decorated

Do you like it?


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