The pottery in Montelupo

Montelupo Fiorentino is renowned for its production of handmade pottery. The tradition of this art dates back to 12th century. So let's have a look at this ancient history.

The story of pottery from Montelupo

 In the Renaissance the pottery of Montelupo blew up thanks to the conquer of Pisa in 1406 by the Florentines, that now had a direct access to the sea. Montelupo Fiorentino was strategically located along the Arno river and became an important city for the production of high quality pottery renowned all around the world.

The maiolica from Montelupo had its maximum splendor between 1450 and 1530, when the maiolica was exported in the Mediterranean area and in Europe. The pottery decorations became rich and elaborated, as well as unique.

In late 16th century the maiolica production went down following the world's economical crisis. Then in 1630 the terrible plague reduced the number of potters, lately reduced also by another important economical crisis. So during 18th century the productions of artistic and high quality pottery disappeared and only the production of pans and cookware was in Montelupo.

But between 19th and 20th centuries Montelupo got back on track and started again the production of high quality pottery. Nowadays the city of Montelupo is one of the major pottery center in Italy and the handmade pottery artworks made here are exported all around the world.


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